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About Us

Licensed, Insured, Professional


FairCut Services

FairCut Services was started in 2014 with a boy and his 1989 Chevy truck.


We started with a small push mower, handheld blower, a few rakes, and one used weed wacker. Despite this, we kept our truck clean, equipment in the best shape possible, and always showed up with a positive attitude, looking to leave every property we came to that day better off than we found it.


Fast forward to today, we now have industry standard equipment, multiple crews, a center of operations, and many years of experience under our belts. Although we may have upgraded and changed our equipment, we never changed our attitude toward professional groundskeeping. Our dedicated crews operate with the same integrity as the boy who founded the company with his old truck. 


Our company now provides an expansive suite of landscaping services as noted here on our website. We enjoy making our clients’ properties look great after each project or service visit for whoever their showing it off to – whether its visiting VIPs, company employees, community residents, or family and friends. “If you look good, we look good” is one of our company mottos. 


Please do not hesitate to reach out to us to discuss any type of service plans or projects for your property. Thank you for visiting the site!

Licensed and Insured

FairCut Services has all of the necessary insurance and licenses for the work it performs. In addition, our crew leaders have attained multiple certifications in industry leading courses, and continue to do so.


Many of our employees have been with the company since it was started. We try to provide the best possible training, upskilling, supervision, and opportunities to every employee that comes to work for us. By doing so we keep many of our talents in-house and do not suffer from the loss of skill associated with high turnover. We take pride in employee satisfaction, and it greatly adds to the years of experience and knowledge a typical FC employee has.


We show up on time, professional looking, and ready to work. We oversee projects from start to finish, and will not leave any project how we would not want it left at our own homes. 

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