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Spring & Fall Cleanups

Spring and Fall are some of the most important times of the year in the Northeast for maintaining landscapes. FairCut provides these routine cleanup services to our client portfolio in all maintenance contracts, however, we can also assist in as-needed services during either season. We have the proper equipment and trained staff to get your property looking great, and ready for the next season. 

Spring cleanup services:

  • Dethatching of turf areas (necessary to remove the dead grass layer accumulated over winter)

  • Shovel or mechanical blade edging of landscape beds to provide a crisp delineation of bed and turf areas

  • Rake out of landscape beds to remove accumulated winter landscape debris and prepare beds for mulch

  • Hedge trimming or pruning services

  • Crabgrass prevention fertilizer application


Fall cleanup services:

  • Complete removal and disposal of fallen leaves and landscape debris from your property

  • Core aeration and overseeding to encourage new turf growth

  • Removal of annual flowers 

  • Installation of fall feeding and winter protection fertilizer application

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