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Plant Design & Install

FairCut Services provides landscape design and installation offerings to match your unique needs. We will meet with you on-site to discuss your ideas for any space, and provide expert guidance and recommendations for it. FairCut also has the ability to render 3D designs of an existing area of your property in order to show you precisely how different shrubbery and layouts will look in a given space. We have worked with many HOAs, property managers, and homeowners to bring their ideas from a canvas to a reality. Feel free to check out some of our many 3D landscape designs for ideas on your own property, or for a starting point in scheduling a visit with us to see how we can transform your property! 

Planting services we provide:

  • Removal and disposal of existing landscape bed trees/shrubbery

  • Canvas to reality installations of plant designs

  • Replacement in-kind of dead or diseased shrubs

  • Ornamental, specimen, and shade tree installations 

  • Seasonal flower displays for any occasion or holiday

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