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Bamboo Removal and Rhizome Barrier Installation

Bamboo is an extremely invasive plant which expands, often uncontrollably, through underground rhizomes – by the time you see the shoots from the ground it is too late! It is very difficult to remove without the use of the right tools. FairCut Services has the equipment and people power to get it done the correct way. We will remove not only the bamboo shoots above ground, but the system of rhizomes that lurk beneath the soil and allow the plant to keep spreading. In addition to removal, we can also provide containment services whereby an 18” rhizome barrier is inserted vertically into the ground around the immediate area of the bamboo to prevent further spreading of roots. Whatever your goal is with this pesky plant, we can help!

Bamboo removal and containment services we provide:

  • Removal of above ground shoots and below ground rhizome system

  • Rhizome barrier installation to contain bamboo in a particular area

  • Backfill of removed rhizome areas with proper fill and soil

  • Restoration of area of bamboo removal with turf, landscape beds, or topsoil

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